These are unprecedented times.

Our country's leadership is telling Americans to brace themselves for the next couple of weeks as the number of coronavirus cases and deaths are expected to surge on a national level.

As lockdowns continue to be enforced at state, county and city levels - we are obligated to comply by implementing a work-at-home platform for our volunteers so they can protect themselves and their families by staying out of the office.

As of now and for the unforseeable future, our office remains closed. We will continue to offer support via email as we have been doing but please understand that it may take longer to receive a response than usual. We're anticipating email requests for support will be answered within 48-72 hours as of now.

Due to limited staff and a limited work-at-home platform, content updates may be impacted and delayed. We will try and adhere to our posted schedule but we cannot make a solid promise. Any content update delays or postponements will be posted on our Latest News page. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you understand and can appreciate the reasons behind any such actions.

Like you, we are in quarantine but we have volunteers still working around-the-clock at home keeping things running. We will continue to operate under these circumstances as we are able to.

To help our viewers stay entertained, we have brought back our Live Tv offering for the month of April - free to Gold subscribers until 4/19. Additionally, we are offering our new Pub-D-Hub live streaming channel and Golden Hollywood live radio station.

There will be an Easter/Passover content update on 4/5.

It is perceived that the coronavirus can remain in the air for a while and can travel more than six feet.

Please be safe and responsible - wear a mask and gloves when going into the public. How it looks or feels shouldn't matter anymore. Others are doing it, we all should be. If not for yourself, think of it as protecting your family. We realize there is a shortage of protective gear and if you don't have anything, please limit your exposure by making as few trips as possible when going to the store, pharmacy, etc. Use curbside pickup service when ordering take-out or groceries or have your order delivered.

Please use the link below to learn how you can make a homemade face covering:

Of course, remember to wash your hands consistently (for at least 20 seconds) with soap and water. When soap and water aren't available, use "store-bought" alcohol-based hand sanitizer. The WHO and FDA does not recommended trying to make homemade sanitizer because if the concentration is not correct, you could end up with something non-effective or too harsh for skin.

Let's stay safe and help stop the coronavirus from spreading as much as we can.

From all of us here at Pub-D-Hub, we wish you and your family well. Stay healthy, stay informed, stay at home (as much as possible), and be smart!

R. Romeo
President and Founder