New Amazon Fire Tv App Released

Attention all Fire Tv users!! Pub-D-Hub Gold is now available in the Amazon AppStore.


How do I get the app?

Finally, after months of requests from Pub-D-Hub viewers, we are pleased to announce the Pub-D-Hub Gold app is now available for Amazon Fire Tv. You can search for the app on Amazon by just typing in "Pub-D-Hub" in the Amazon search box, then click on the Pub-D-Hub App and have it delivered to your Amazon Fire Tv device. You can also use the link below. There are a few models that may not be compatible including older Fire Tvs (2014-2015) and Fire Tv Sticks. If you don't get the option to deliver the app to a specific device, that may be the reason why. It should work fine on newer models.


Does the app have a free Basic Service like on Roku?

Our Amazon Fire Tv app does not currently offer a free limited Basic Service like we have on Roku. Only Pub-D-Hub Gold is available on Amazon Fire Tv.

How do I watch Pub-D-Hub Gold on Fire Tv?

Unlike our Roku users, an online account is not necessary when subscribing to the channel on Fire Tv. Simply launch the app on your Fire Tv, select any content and click the button that says "GO GOLD" for an annual subscription or "DAILY PASS" for a 24 hour pass. The app will use your Amazon account to sign you up and make the payment.

What content will I find on Fire Tv?

Our Fire Tv app's content is a little different than what's available on Roku. You'll get all the main Gold video categories: Action/Adventure, Cartoons, Cautionary Films, Comedy, Classic Tv Commercials, Crime Drama, Educational, Drama, Horror/Sci-Fi, Military Films, Musicals, Short Films, Silent Films, Thrillers, TV, Westerns and Yesterday's News.

We currently do not offer audio only content (Audio Books and Radio programs) on Fire Tv. This will be something we may add at a later time in addition to TV Serials.

Please note that the app is new and we are still in the process of loading content to all the categories but it will take some time. You should see more content available every week.

What options are available to watch Pub-D-Hub Gold?

We currently offer two plans: Annual Subscription and Daily Pass.

Annual subscriptions expire one year from the day you sign up. Subscriptions are non-refundable but can be cancelled by going to "Manage your subscriptions" on your Fire Tv device or from your Amazon account.

Daily Pass provides you with 24 hour access to all Gold content. When the 24 hours are up, the pass expires and you will either need to purchase a new pass or subscription to continue accessing the content.

I'm already subscribed on Roku, can I add Fire Tv to my account?

Unfortunately, no. Roku subscriptions and Amazon Fire Tv subscriptions are handled separately by each device manufacturer. Amazon Fire Tv subscriptions are handled through Amazon, Roku subscriptions are handled through Roku. We are unable to add Fire Tv devices to accounts already subscribed to for Roku. You would need to create a new subscription directly through your Amazon Fire Tv. You cannot subscribe online for Fire Tv, it must be done through the app.