GOLD+ is our newest tier of service for Roku and mobile devices! Take a look at all the features that you'll get with a GOLD+ subscription:


8 device allowance per account

With GOLD+, you don't have to worry about running out of connections for all the Roku devices in your home! You're allowed up to eight (8) devices with your subscription. That's four more devices than Gold allows. No more need to have multiple accounts and subscriptions to cover all your devices.**


Live Tv Streaming

Your GOLD+ subscription brings PDHTV to your Roku and mobile devices with Live Tv streaming! Now, you'll be able to stream live tv from around the world from within the Pub-D-Hub Channel on your Roku and mobile devices. PDHTV will still be accessible through our web site but with GOLD+, a great selection of channels will also be available to view directly through your devices!* Includes access to the Pub-D-Hub Channel and our Golden Hollywood Old Time Radio station.


New Exclusive Categories

As a GOLD+ subscriber, you'll get new categories, exclusive to GOLD+ members! For starters, you'll get our new "Kids" category featuring new classic programs just for the little ones! Want more? You'll also get Soundies, City Nostalgia, Oldtime Religion, Wonders & Tragedies, Enhanced Video Resolution categories and more! Exclusive HOLIDAY CONTENT is also in the works!!


Live Radio Streaming Online

GOLD+ subscribers get exclusive access to our new Online Radio Streaming Panel. Now, you'll be able to listen to live radio streams online through our web site in addition to your Roku and mobile devices! You'll also get RADIO ON DEMAND - select random episodes of your favorite shows!


Random Play

It's back!! Many Gold subscribers have been asking for us to bring back Random Play and it is now part of our GOLD+ offering for Roku users. Random Play creates random playlists (on the fly) for select categories like Commercials, Movie Trailers and Drive-In Movie Ads. It generates a random playlist consisting of 50 titles from a select category or group of categories and plays them back to back.


Create Playlist from Queue

As a GOLD+ subscriber, you'll be able to turn your queue into an instant playlist on Pub-D-Hub! The queue is designed to hold your favorite content for easy access and now you can play that content back to back (starting from anywhere in the list). Simply select this new feature from the main menu on your Roku and all your queue content will be instantly loaded into a playlist.


Additional Audiobooks

GOLD+ subscribers get a new content category called "Audiobooks Plus" which will feature new classic audiobooks for you to enjoy! Get comfy in your favorite chair or relax on your bed while listening to great stories with no advertisement interruptions.



GOLD+ subscribers get exclusive access to our new "experiences". Our Drive-In Experience randomly selects content to reflect being at the Drive-In. Our Cartoon Experience brings back memories of watching our favorite Saturday morning cartoons from our childhood! Either experience is sure to delight and surprise you and more experiences are coming!


Online Pub-D-Hub Arcade


Fun for kids or for the kid inside all of us, no matter what age!! Our new GOLD+ online arcade has a bunch of games that can keep you entertained for hours! The games can easily be accessed through our web site once you've logged into your account.

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*Channel lineup is subject to change. Some PDHTV live channels may not be available on Roku devices.
**Devices refer to Roku devices only. Amazon Fire Tv only offers Gold service through a separate subscription.