New Roku App Coming Soon

Happy New Year Friends!!

As we begin our venture into 2019, we have some exciting news to share with all our viewers!

The Roku Pub-D-Hub Channel will soon be getting a new look and feel using Roku's updated SceneGraph platform. Pub-D-Hub was one of the first channels of its kind to grace the Roku landscape back when things were first beginning to take off. As an old familiar face in the Channel Store, Pub-D-Hub is proud of our accomplishments - one of the first apps on Roku to offer in-app upgrades and one of the few to offer both radio and video content in one application. Our application has stood the test of the time but it's time to change things a bit. The current application is built on the old Roku SDK platform and simply won't work much longer in it's presence state.

In 2019, Roku will be removing several elements of their Operating System that support the older platform that Pub-D-Hub was originally built on. When they do, the Pub-D-Hub Channel, as it is today, will cease to function.

Our developers have been busy since the second half of 2018 redesigning the application which is built on the new platform. We are hoping to have the new Roku version of Pub-D-Hub available in the near future.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will I need to re-activate my device when the app is upgraded?

If you are a Gold subscriber with an activated device, you should not have to re-activate your Roku once the channel upgrades. If your device is not currently activated for Gold, it will remain that way after the upgrade.

What changes can I expect to see in the new upgraded channel?

  • ALL PLAY which allows you to play a group of related content back to back such as for Radio and Audiobook programs works differently in the new channel. Instead of selecting the first menu item that says ALL PLAY, you will now select the "Play All" option on the details screen (the screen that displays the content description, running time, etc). You can select "Play All" on any of the titles that have it and it will begin playing with the first title in the group. All Play will now be called Play All.
  • My Playlist has been fixed in the new channel. You can also start the playlist from anywhere in the list. Just select "Play from Start" from the details screen and it will start with that title and play the rest in the list back to back.
  • My History works slightly different in the new channel. If you watch a title for less than one minute and exit the channel suddenly (by pressing Home button on remote for example), the title won't get logged in history. My History will record the title being watched, the date/time and the length of time it is being watched. 30 days of history will still be kept in your account.
  • Parental Lock can now only be enabled/disabled from your account settings via the web site. It can no longer be enabled/disabled from within the channel. If you make changes to this setting online while the channel is opened on your Roku, you will need to exit and re-enter channel to see the update.
  • Live Radio will now only be available to Gold subscribers.
  • Basic content will begin to decrease in 2019 offering fewer titles to Basic viewers while Gold subsribers will continue to receive content updates and the Gold library will continue to grow.
  • Background Music and Random Play are going away when the channel upgrades. The old channel allowed you to enable or disable background music in the channel while you browsed for content. The music could be set to a live radio station. This feature was not very popular among subscribers and it will no longer be available in the new channel. Random Play is an old feature that randomly selected some content from certain categories like commericals and movie trailers and played them back to back like a playlist. This feature is being replaced by PLAY ALL which basically does the same thing except, plays titles in sequence instead of randomly.
  • No More Ads will be shown while audio content is playing. Screen will remain black for the duration (until Roku screensaver kicks in).
  • The new Pub-D-Hub Channel on Roku will not be compatible with older Roku models that have Firmware lower than v7.0 If you have an older Roku model and are running Firmware lower than v7.0, which was released in 2015, you will need to upgrade to a newer model in order to continue watching Pub-D-Hub. The new channel is built on SceneGraph which was introduced in v7.0 of Roku's firmware/OS.