PDH Chatroom

Welcome to Pub-D-Hub's live chatroom! Join in and meet other subscribers and classic film lovers! Share your stories, make new friends, discuss any issues with the service!

Scroll down for instructions on how to use the chatroom.

To join chatroom:
Click the I'M NOT A ROBOT box when the chatroom loads.

Register your username when accessing chat for first time.

Private Messages:
Click "Messages" to view your private messages.

Click "Friends" to view and message your friends.

Listen to PDH Old Time Radio while chatting:
Click the speaker above message box, then click Play Radio.

Text to speech:
Click speaker above message box, then click Text to Speech. Click the "Enabled" switch, select your preferences and click Save.

Reply to someone's chat post:
Move cursor over the post you wish to reply to, click the (...) to the right of the post and select Reply to.


1. No spamming.
2. No personal attacks, discrimination or harassment of any kind.
3. Type in English only.
4. No solicitation or promoting your own business.
5. No links or URLs to other web sites.
6. Only one username per person.
7. No profanity or vulgarity.
8. Anything not mentioned here that can be considered inappropriate or bad behavior.

Click the speaker above the message box to listen to PDH Radio while you chat!