New Pub-D-Hub Roku App v3.0.1 - User Guide: Activation


In order to start enjoying your Pub-D-Hub Gold service, your Roku player(s) must be activated. You can activate/link up to 4 Roku devices per account.

In order to activate, however, you must have a valid subscription to Gold. You can subscribe through the channel (with RokuPay) or online through Paypal, Amazon or Stripe.

If you are watching via computer, tablet or mobile phone, no activation is needed and there are no limitations on how many of your devices can link to your account. Simply log in to your account on these devices to access Gold content.

With the launch of our new Pub-D-Hub Roku channel v3.0.1, activation can be automatically done through the channel (no need to activate online anymore).

WHEN THE CHANNEL AUTOMATICALLY UPGRADES TO v3.0.1, IN MOST CASES, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO RE-ACTIVATE YOUR DEVICE. If for some reason, your device does lose activation after the upgrade, it's very simple to get it back.


If you have a valid Gold subscription but your device is not activated, from main menu of channel, select GET PUB-D-HUB GOLD. Not a subscriber yet? Visit the Subscriptions section of the User Guide.

Next, select ALREADY HAVE ACCOUNT (log in) button.

Login to your Pub-D-Hub account using your email address and password. If you can't remember your password, visit to reset it. If your username is different than your email address, use the email address you registered with. You can only login here with an email address.

Once you login successfully, the app will check for subscriptions. If you have a valid subscription, it will automatically activate/re-activate the device. It is no longer necessary to get a random code and enter it on the web site (although this option is still available).

If you do not have a valid subscription, you will be presented with an offer to subscribe from within the channel (billed through Roku).

After you get the "Device Activating!" message, close/exit the channel and wait for about 30 seconds and then re-enter. You should now have Pub-D-Hub Gold.


Login to your account on our web site:

Click the big white "CLICK HERE TO ACTIVATE ROKU" button.

If you don't see the button, you may already have the maximum 4 devices connected. If that is the case, you will need to visit Settings to deactivate a device and free up a slot. Another option is to create a second account/subscription which will allow for an additional 4 devices.

After clicking the big white "CLICK HERE TO ACTIVATE ROKU" button on the My Account page, you will now see a randomly generated activation code on the web page. Click the big gray button to continue with this code or refresh your browser to get a new code.

The next steps must be done on your Roku device. Launch the Pub-D-Hub Channel. From the Home screen, press the (>||) PLAY/PAUSE button on your remote.

Your Roku device will display the PIN keypad. Next, you will enter the activation code that appears on the web page. Press the (>||) PLAY/PAUSE button when done.

If you entered the correct code, you should see the Congrats! message and should now exit and re-enter the channel to access Gold.