About Us

The Pub-D-Hub Channel brings you content that has entered the public domain. Our vast library includes hundreds of classic films, television shows, classic commercials, cartoons, old time radio shows, cautionary films and more!

Through various platforms, Pub-D-Hub delivers these timeless classics in two app versions: Pub-D-Hub Basic and Pub-D-Hub Gold. Basic is our limited free service offering monthly updates. Gold is our premium service offering weekly updates, hundreds of additional titles, SEARCH capability, and more! Gold service is available by subscription.

Who is Pub-D-Hub?

Pub-D-Hub is a product of Shadow Mountain Ventures LLC, a small group of people on Florida's gulf coast who share a love for classic television, film and radio. The channel is self-supported through our volunteers and the donations and subscriptions of our viewers. Subscriptions and donations help pay for our operating expenses which includes hosting, content distribution, bandwidth allowance and server maintenance.

What do our volunteers do?

In a nutshell - everything! Each week our programming team goes on a hunt for new content. Then, our research team takes over, checking titles, ensuring the content is in the public domain. If it is, they determine how to obtain a digital copy. Once the digital copy is obtained, it moves to our technical team where it is converted, sometimes edited and/or enhanced, tested for audio/video issues and finally uploaded. Next, our detail team prepares the new content for release by obtaining artwork, searching for or formulating the synopsis for each selection, confirming production year, and the names of the actors and actresses featured in the film or show. Then, the data is entered into our database. Lastly, our web engineers take this information and update the web site to reflect the new content. These are all the folks who make Pub-D-Hub's wheels turn and we appreciate all their hard work and dedication. Finally, there is a small group of volunteers among us who are often overlooked - our email team! They are on the front lines and without them, we'd be lost!

Why do we do this?

Because we love it! We all share a common interest - a love for classic film, tv and radio! Now, we want to share it with you! If you enjoy the classics from years gone by, you will enjoy Pub-D-Hub. If you want to get the best entertainment value - anywhere - then subscribe to Pub-D-Hub Gold and help support our operations. We appreciate all our viewers and thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Let's go back in time - together!