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Catch a glimpse of some of the great classic programming that awaits you on Pub-D-Hub Gold! Keep in mind, this list is only a small sample of the giant library of content available and new content arrives several times throughout the year!
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Enjoy episodes of these amazing classic tv shows! Remember, this is only the tip of the iceberg! Pub-D-Hub Gold offers many other classic tv shows as well. There are just too many to list here!


Pub-D-Hub Gold brings you hundreds and hundreds of favorite all-time classic films spanning several genres - including dramas, crime dramas, comedy, thrillers, horror/sci-fi, and westerns! Additionally, Gold subscribers also have access to musicals, movie trailers and more!


Relive your childhood with our enormous selection of classic toons! See old time favorites like Crusader Rabbit, Flip the Frog, Krazy Kat, Felix the Cat, Betty Boop, Colonel Bleep, Clutch Cargo and others! Terrytoons, Noveltoons, Mel-O-Toons, and more! Here is a tiny sample of what's hidden inside the Pub-D-Hub Gold toon vault!


Pub-D-Hub Gold not only offers you the best classic video content available anywhere! We also bring you a huge selection of old time radio programs! Thousands of episodes of your favorite radio programs - radio dramas, comedies, mysteries, and more! Here is a small sample of some of the great programs you can listen to on Pub-D-Hub Gold! There are too many to list!

Lux Radio Theatre
Adventure Ahead
Have Gun Will Travel
The Great Gildersleeve
Inner Sanctum
My Favorite Husband
Abbott and Costello
The Whistler
Alien Worlds
Lights Out
Baby Snooks
Fibber McGee And Molly
Spy Catcher
Barrie Craig
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
The Mysterious Traveler
CBS Radio Mystery Theater


Step back in time watching these spectacular tv film serials which typically consisted of 12-15 chapters or episodes, each leaving you with a cliffhanger! Here is a small sample of the many great serials that are available on Pub-D-Hub Gold!


The golden age of television and film produced many timeless short classic films starring favorites like Laurel and Hardy, the Little Rascals, Edgar Kennedy, Harold Lloyd, Harry Langdon, W.C. Fields and others! Though they run shorter than the average full-length movie, they are not to be missed! Pub-D-Hub Gold's Short Films category offers tons of these classics including soundies featuring classic song and dance from a different era! Here is a tiny sample of what Gold offers!


Educational short films, mostly from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, produced to be shown in the classroom. This amazing collection of films offers you a glimpse of what life was like back in those days and how differently things were perceived. Children were taught everything from avoiding strangers, preventing accidents, preparing for marriage, preparing for a date, preparing for dinner, how to behave, how to control emotions, and the list goes on and on! These films will have you amused, amazed and even laughing hysterically at how points were made and things were viewed by society in those days.




Pub-D-Hub Gold offers many exclusive tv shows and radio programs that are not available to Basic viewers. The small number of tv shows and radio programs that are offered on Basic have only a few episodes. A Gold subscription will unlock many additional episodes of these programs! The same holds true for some of our categories that are available to both Basic and Gold - you'll get more content in each category with a Gold subscription! That's more educational films, more classic films, in a nutshell, more of everything!


In addition to all the great entertainment described above, Pub-D-Hub Gold goes above and beyond offering you even more choices with exclusive content categories like Military Films which brings you amazing footage from past wars, special training films created for the 4 branches of our military, news magazines from the past and more! Gold also offers you more exclusive categories like Classic Sports, Drive-in Movie Ads, Classic Movie Trailers, Old Time Jukebox, Audio Books, LIVE Radio, Yesterday's News and others! Gold subscribers also get a Two Week Special, a classic film shown exclusively for two weeks!


We're not done yet! As a Gold Roku subscriber, you'll have the option of saving your favorite content to your own Queue and even create your own playlist so you can play content back to back automatically! Another great feature for Gold subscribers is PLAY ALL which allows you to play a series of audio programs, back to back automatically, similar to a playlist. PDHTV allows subscribers to play Gold content on their computer! It also features live TV stations! Gold subscribers get SEARCH capability and can also view their history for the past 45 days by logging into our web site. It shows everything you've watched, how long you watched and when! Parents can relax by filtering out unwanted content for their little ones with our Parent Control lock.


Pub-D-Hub can be watched on a Roku streaming device (up to 4 can be linked to your account), select Amazon Fire Tv devices (separate subscription required) or with a computer, tablet or mobile phone (unlimited linked devices)! Activation is required for Roku devices. No activation is necessary for computers, tablets and mobile phones.


Unlike many channels out there today that boast about showing free movies and then hit you with tons of commercials, Pub-D-Hub Gold frees you from this annoyance! All content is commercial-free! This means your content will not be interrupted by loud, annoying commercial ads! Basic service does not currently run commercials but that is subject to change. Gold will always be commercial-free!


For only $3.99 USD/yr, about 33 cents per month, you can get Pub-D-Hub Gold, the greatest entertainment value around!!


*Exclusive Features require a Roku device