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5/31, 6/14, 6/28, 7/12

Golden Hollywood Radio

PDH Radio has now become Golden Hollywood Radio. Listen live on our website or with your Roku!

Pub-D-Hub Screensaver for Roku

Get the brand new Pub-D-Hub screensaver for Roku!! You will see a warning that this is a non-certified channel. This is fine. It only means it is not available in the Roku Channel Store. It is considered a private channel.

Once you install the screensaver, do the following on your Roku:

On your Roku, go to Settings > Screensaver > Browse screensavers.

Select PDH Screensaver and set it as your default screensaver.

Pub-D-Hub Streaming Channel

We have been testing our new live tv stream for the Pub-D-Hub Channel on Roku and Fire Tv. We expect the channel to go full-time soon. Currently, it's available to both Basic and Gold viewers.


We have extended our free live tv preview until the end of April, 4/30.

Relaxing Sounds Category

In an effort to provide our subscribers with content they want, we are looking at retiring some of our older categories that have had minimal usage. One such category is Relaxing Sounds (ASMR). Do you like and ever view the content in this category? Are you in favor of us removing it? Email and share your thoughts.

Update/Create Security Question & Answer

You can now update or create a security question and answer under Settings of MY ACCOUNT. You normally set this up when you first register through the site but there was never a way to update it. Also, if you've signed up through your Roku device, you won't have one. We recommend everyone create/update their security question and answer because if you ever forget your password, you will need this to reset it.

PDHTV Changes

PDH Content no longer uses FLASH for the content viewer. It now uses HTML5 so your browser will need to support HTML5 in order to view PDH content through PDHTV.

For some LIVE channels on PDHTV, you will need to start the stream yourself by clicking on the play button. Once the stream starts, the video may no longer be clickable, however, three new buttons will display above the video that allow you to control it - mute/unmute, play/stop, and full size the screen. Volume output is always set to 100% so you can control it best through your own speakers or audio listening device. Streams are live and cannot be paused, only started or stopped.

We have added a new KIDS section to PDHTV featuring 24/7 children's programming including popular cartoons and programs including Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Sesame Street and PJ Masks. Additionally, we have created a new SPORTS section and have moved the sports networks from General to the new category.

1/24 - MORE CHANNELS BEING ADDED including a new category for College & University stations!!

View complete channel list here (will be updated by end of January)

Contact Form

Due to an increase in spam, we have implemented reCaptcha from Google on our contact form to help weed out robots.

Brickfilms Category Retired

Effective 1/27, Brickfilm category has been retired and was removed from our Gold category menu.

Credit Card Updates

You can now update your credit card details through our web site. Simply click on the "Update Billing Info" link located on the billing line of the MY ACCOUNT page. If you subscribed to Gold with only a credit card using Stripe, we will look up your card on file and you can update it if you wish. If you subscribed through Paypal or Amazon, the link will take you to the appropriate payment processor's web site where you can update your credit card info.

You Can Deactivate All Devices At Once

We have just added the capability to deactivate all devices from your account at once. Just go to My Account > Settings and scroll down to Deactivate Devices section. Then, click ALL DEVICES and all devices will get wiped out. This can be helpful if you need to reactivate multiple devices on your account.

Join our NEW Facebook Group

We have started a new Facebook community/group called Golden Hollywood!

This group is the place to come to talk about Old Hollywood, the Golden Age from the 20s thru the 60s. Join our family of like minds who live, breathe and love classic cinema from an era gone by but never to be forgotten! Share and comment on your favorite classics, share your memories, and make some new friends along the way!


In response to many of our subscribers' requests, we have added the capability to name devices on our web site. This is helpful when you have multiple devices on one account and you need to deactivate or reactivate them. Login to your account on our web site, click Settings, scroll down to Device Names and name your devices! Then submit your changes and you will now see the names appear under Connected Devices. Note: A device must be activated before it can be named. If deactivated, it loses its name.

Join our opt-in email list

Join our new opt-in email list for the latest news, information and contest offers. You can opt-out at anytime!

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