Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pub-D-Hub?

Pub-D-Hub (Public Domain Hub) is a streaming service available online, on Roku and coming soon to Amazon Fire Tv. Pub-D-Hub offers classic films, television shows, cartoons and radio programs from the public domain.

How can I access Pub-D-Hub?

Pub-D-Hub can be watched on a Roku Streaming Player, a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Is Pub-D-Hub free?

Pub-D-Hub currently offers two tiers of service: Basic and Gold. The Basic service is available to all Roku and online users free of charge. The Gold service is available with a subscription.

Can I watch Pub-D-Hub online with my computer?

Yes. We now offer PDHTV for Gold service. You can stream Gold content from the My Account page after logging into your account. We also offer some Live Tv stations!

Help! A movie isn't playing!

Content is stored on multiple servers and while we try our best to regularly test files and links, we can sometimes miss things. Please feel free to contact us if you should ever encounter an issue with any of our selections.

When is content updated?

Basic updates are not scheduled and can occur occasionally.  Gold updates occur almost every other weekend.

Help! I can't activate my player!

Before you can activate your player for Pub-D-Hub Gold, you need to create an online account and subscribe. Once you are subscribed, click on the link on your My Account page to "Activate New Device." You can activate up to 4 Roku players per account, unlimited computers, tablets or mobile phones. Click here for activation help.

What is Pub-D-Hub Gold?

Pub-D-Hub Gold is our second tier of service available by subscription for less than the price of a coffee and a couple of donuts.  That works out to only cents per month.  Gold members receive everything they currently have now with the free Basic service PLUS hundreds of additional titles, exclusive categories, SEARCH capability, new weekly content and the list goes on!!

How do I get Pub-D-Hub Gold?

You can subscribe to Pub-D-Hub Gold by first creating an online account. Once you log in, click the link that says "Click Here To Subscribe."

Why should I pay for public domain content?

Pub-D-Hub is the product of a small group of volunteers who love classic television and movies. We are self-supported and have no advertising or investors. Running Pub-D-Hub takes a lot of time and a lot of work from each of our dedicated volunteer staff members. Additionally, it takes a lot of money to cover our monthly operating expenses. These costs include hosting, support, content distribution, and maintenance. So though public domain content is free, delivery of that content can be quite costly. We don't like charging a fee but we have managed to keep it extremely low. For the small fee of about 25 cents per month, you can enjoy Pub-D-Hub Gold knowing your membership is helping us continue operating.  

Will there still be a free Pub-D-Hub?

Yes.  Our service has now been split into two tiers: Basic Pub-D-Hub and Pub-D-Hub Gold.  The basic service will continue to be offered at no cost.

How can I compare the two services?

Please click here for a preview of Pub-D-Hub Gold.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please click here for instructions

Can I link all my players to Pub-D-Hub Gold?

You can link up to four Roku devices to your Pub-D-Hub Gold account. To unlink a player, login to your account and click the "Edit Account" link. If watching on computer, tablet or mobile phone, there are no limitations on how many of these devices you can link to your account. The only requirement is they must be owned by you.