New Pub-D-Hub Roku App v3.0.1 - User Guide: Subscriptions


Pub-D-Hub Gold subscriptions can be purchased online through our web site or can be purchased directly from within the new Pub-D-Hub Channel (v3.0.1).

Subscribe Online

To subscribe online, you'll first need to create an account by visiting and click CREATE NEW ACCOUNT. Once your account is created, login.

Next, click the link that says "Click here to subscribe" and you'll have three payment processors to choose from to process your subscription - Paypal, Amazon and Stripe (for credit cards only).

Once you subscribe online, you'll need to activate your device. See ACTIVATION section of this User Guide.

Subscribe In-Channel

To subscribe in-channel, launch the Pub-D-Hub Channel (v3.0.1) on your Roku. click GET PUB-D-HUB GOLD from the main menu. If you already have a Pub-D-Hub account, select the "Already have account (log in)" button and login with your email address and password. If you don't remember your information, go to on your computer to reset password.

Once you are logged in through the channel, you will be presented with a subscription offer. Click OK to select the subscription, enter your Roku PIN for purchases, click Start Subscription and your device will automatically activate. Exit channel, wait 30 seconds and re-enter channel and you should have Gold!

If you don't have an account, click "NEW SUBSCRIBER" button. It will walk you through creating a Pub-D-Hub account. The first thing it will ask is if you want to use the email you have on file with Roku. If you say "Continue", it will use your Roku email as username for your Pub-D-Hub account. If you say "Cancel", you'll have the chance to enter a different email. Create your password (min 5 characters) and then follow the steps to subscribe on the screen as mentioned in the paragraph above.

Manage Subscriptions

If you subscribed in-channel, Roku has processed your subscription and payment. You can then manage your subscription from Roku's website logging in to your account and under My Account, click Manage your subscriptions. You can cancel or renew from here. You can also get to Manage Subscriptions from you Roku device. Select Pub-D-Hub from your home screen, press the (*) on your remote and select Manage subscriptions. Follow the instructions on the screen.

If you subscribed online through Paypal, Amazon or Stripe, you will need to visit that payment processor's website to manage the subscription.