Roku Beta Channel

ANNOUCEMENT! A new Roku app for Pub-D-Hub is coming! The new channel has "PLAY ALL" which replaces "ALL PLAY". If you have only the BETA channel installed on your Roku, you will NOT receive the new channel upgrade automatically.

To receive the new channel automatically (once published), make sure you have the main Pub-D-Hub channel from the Roku Channel Store installed:

All Play doesn't currently work in the main channel (on some models) but this app will automatically receive the upgrade when it occurs. If you don't want to lose ALL PLAY in the interim, keep the BETA channel installed until the new channel becomes available.

If you listen to audio content on Pub-D-Hub, you know about our ALL PLAY feature.

ALL PLAY basically creates an instant playlist for audio programs in a group or series - for example, old time radio programs and audio books have this option so audio files in a group can be played automatically back-to-back.

Unforunately, ALL PLAY hasn't worked for some time now (except on some older Roku models). Our support team is constantly getting emails requesting this feature be fixed and our techs have been busily working on it but it's been a slow process due to higher priorities.

That being said, we are happy to announce we have a new private BETA version of Pub-D-Hub now available with the ALL PLAY feature working! We're unable to push this fix to our main public channel in the Channel Store because our channel design must be updated to meet Roku's new design standards first (something our developers have been working on).

If you enjoy audio content on Pub-D-Hub and desire to use the ALL PLAY feature, you will need to install the beta channel on your Roku. You can keep the main Pub-D-Hub Channel and add the Pub-D-Hub Beta Channel OR you can delete the main channel and use only the Beta Channel - it's your choice.

Please keep in mind, the Beta channel will not be updated with new PDH software versions/upgrades. Only the main Pub-D-Hub channel receives Pub-D-Hub software upgrades so we suggest keeping both for now (if possible). The beta channel clearly shows "Basic Beta" or "Gold Beta" inside the channel at the top.

If you do not listen to audio content on Pub-D-Hub or do not care to use the ALL PLAY feature, there is no need to install the Beta channel since the ALL PLAY issue is the only one addressed in this beta release.

If you are interested in installing the new beta channel with ALL PLAY fixed and working - please use below link (you may need to sign in to your account):

You will see a warning message from Roku that you are adding a non-certified channel (this means it's not published in the Channel Store). Click OK and click Yes, add channel.

Next, on your Roku, go to Settings / System. Then, select System Update. Click Check Now. The beta channel will be added to your Roku.

*If Gold member, you may need to activate your device for the new beta channel. The main Pub-D-Hub channel and Pub-D-Hub beta channel use separate activations.

Enjoy ALL PLAY from Pub-D-Hub!!