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Before you cancel...

Your subscription helps Pub-D-Hub pay for its operating costs which enables us to continue our mission in delivering classic content to you.  Our staff members are all volunteers who freely dedicate their time on a daily basis to research new content, update and maintain the Pub-D-Hub Channel and web site, and find new ways to enhance our applications and expand to new platforms.  This can only happen because of people like you who make a difference.  We'd hate to see you go and remember, for the small cost of a coffee and donut, you get a full year of programming - new updates every week of the year.  As an active subscriber, you will also be guaranteed to be a part of any special promotions, contests, or special features we deploy on the channel.  PDH also locks in your current subscription rate on renewals regardless of rate increases. If you cancel and want to re-subscribe, you will re-subscribe at the current rate.


Larger personal queue, viewing history, parental control, Allplay, playlists. and more! AND REMEMBER - GOLD SUBSCRIBERS watch content without commercials!!

If you still wish to cancel your GOLD subscription, please visit your payment processor's web site using links below. To find out who your processor is, login to your account and the processor will show next to Billing on your My Account page.

Paypal, Amazon, 2Checkout


Locate the transaction for "Recurring payment to R. Romeo" or "Recurring payment to PDH Services" and click the "details" link beside the transaction that shows "Created" as payment status.  From the Subscription Details screen, click the link to cancel.  You will be alerted that you are about to cancel the profile.   Click "Cancel Profile."

IF YOU SUBSCRIBED THROUGH 2CO - 2Checkout (Blue button)

Find your order using link above. Then scroll to bottom and click link to "Stop my recurring membership or subscription."


Click the tab for Your Account. On the first line under the tab (where it says Overview), click the link for "Your Subscriptions". Locate your subscription for Pub-D-Hub that says "Active". Click the "Details" link. Click the orange button to Cancel Subscription. You will be asked to confirm. Click the orange Confirm button. Your subscription status will change to "Canceled".

All subscriptions automatically renew each year unless canceled through your payment processor.  Canceled subscriptions are not eligible for a refund and will remain active for the duration of the activation period (one year).  There are no exceptions to this policy.  If you are a victim of fraudulent activity, please contact Customer Service as evidence of your claim will be required. Once you cancel, you cannot sign up again until your current subscription expires.

Please do not email Pub-D-Hub Customer Service to cancel a subscription. Subscriptions can only be canceled through your payment processor.