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Next Podcast: 8/31

Check out the latest news, information and behind-the-scenes happenings at Pub-D-Hub. Also, you have the opportunity to send questions and comments in via email and have our leaders answer them directly on the podcast. Send your emails for the program to:

Be sure to include your first name, city, and state. We plan on airing new episodes monthly. Emails are selected randomly and may be read on the upcoming podcast. We cannot guarantee all emails will be read on the podcast.

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We have started a new Facebook community/group called Golden Hollywood!

This group is the place to come to talk about Old Hollywood, the Golden Age from the 20s thru the 60s. Join our family of like minds who live, breathe and love classic cinema from an era gone by but never to be forgotten! Share and comment on your favorite classics, share your memories, and make some new friends along the way!

What's That Movie Contest

Check out our new weekly contest here

Guess all 3 films from their images and years, email and you'll be entered in a drawing where you could win a free 3 year subscription to Pub-D-Hub Gold! Winners and answers will be posted on the contest page each week.

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