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9/15, 9/29, 10/13, 10/27

NEW! PubTalk Podcast

Next Podcast: 8/31

Check out the latest news, information and behind-the-scenes happenings at Pub-D-Hub. Also, you have the opportunity to send questions and comments in via email and have our leaders answer them directly on the podcast. Send your emails for the program to:

Be sure to include your first name, city, and state. We plan on airing new episodes monthly. Emails are selected randomly and may be read on the upcoming podcast. We cannot guarantee all emails will be read on the podcast.

Recent Roku App Update

You may or may not know that we published an update to our Roku app around 8/27/19. This update was published to correct an issue with My Queue. Unfortunately, the update caused some accounts to lose their Gold service

If you have a valid Gold subscription and your device is now only showing Basic, please follow below steps to reactivate your devices:

1. Login to your account on our web site (not on device). IF YOU FORGOT YOUR USERNAME and PASSWORD, go to

2. Go to MY ACCOUNT page, click big white ACTIVATE YOUR ROKU button.

3. Click link on the next page and follow instructions.


We apologize for this inconvenience. Most the time, our updates do not cause disconnects such as this. We plan to test updates more thoroughly in the future to prevent these types of things from happening again.

You Can Deactivate All Devices At Once We have just added the capability to deactivate all devices from your account at once. Just go to My Account > Settings and scroll down to Deactivate Devices section. Then, click ALL DEVICES and all devices will get wiped out. This can be helpful if you need to reactivate multiple devices on your account.

Join our NEW Facebook Group

We have started a new Facebook community/group called Golden Hollywood!

This group is the place to come to talk about Old Hollywood, the Golden Age from the 20s thru the 60s. Join our family of like minds who live, breathe and love classic cinema from an era gone by but never to be forgotten! Share and comment on your favorite classics, share your memories, and make some new friends along the way!

What's That Movie Contest

Contest has concluded.

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