How to Activate the new Pub-D-Hub Channel (v3.0.1)

In order to start enjoying your Pub-D-Hub Gold service, your Roku player(s) must be activated. You can activate/link up to 4 Roku devices per account.

In order to activate, however, you must have a valid subscription to Gold. You can subscribe through the channel (with RokuPay) or online through Paypal, Amazon or Stripe.

With the launch of our new Pub-D-Hub Roku channel v3.0.1, activation can be automatically done through the channel (no need to activate online anymore).

See User Guide for more help or call NEW AUTOMATED PHONE SYSTEM: 813-463-2015


We understand how frustrating it can be when you're just trying to set things up so you can enjoy your Gold Service. We know that activation seems like a hefty task but it's necessary because that's how we link or tie your device to your account.

Consider this...all cable streaming apps like HBO, Lifetime, Hallmark, Disney, Nickelodeon, TCM, AMC, and CNN force users to login/re-activate their device every two or three weeks. When you don't do that, most of the content becomes locked and unwatchable - until you login and enter the activation code on their web site. That's an average of about every 2-3 weeks!

Pub-D-Hub doesn't expire activations. Once you activate, it should be good for the term of your subscription. Sometimes things do happen, we're not doubting that. Devices can lose their connection because of things like power outages, surges, or factory resets. But even so, you will need to activate Pub-D-Hub far less than any of the cable channel applications require and we've made it even easier than before!


If you have a valid Gold subscription but your device is not activated, from main menu of channel, select GET PUB-D-HUB GOLD, select ALREADY HAVE ACCOUNT button, login to your Pub-D-Hub account on your device using your email address. It should detect your subscription and activate/re-activate the device automatically. You will have to exit and re-enter the channel. Allow up to 30 seconds before re-entering. If you don't remember your email/password, go to to retrieve/reset them.

If it doesn't find a valid subscription, it will present you with an offer to subscribe directly within the channel.


Login to your account on our web site. Click the big white "CLICK HERE TO ACTIVATE ROKU" button. If you don't see the button, you may already have the maximum 4 devices connected. If that is the case, you will need to visit Settings to deactivate a device and free up a slot. Another option is to create a second account/subscription which will allow for an additional 4 devices.

After clicking the big white "CLICK HERE TO ACTIVATE ROKU" button on the My Account page, click the link to ACTIVATE THROUGH OUR WEB SITE and follow the simple instructions.


If you are watching via computer, tablet or mobile phone, no activation is needed and there are no limitations on how many of your devices can link to your account. Simply log in to your account on these devices to access Gold content.


All the steps necessary to activate a Roku device are included on this page. If you run into any issues that require assistance, please contact our Technical Support Team at -->